Pacifica Institute, held a Cancer Awareness Seminar on 24th of October in Salt Lake City, Utah. This was organized in collaboration with Huntsman Cancer Institute. The speaker of the day was Jane Ostler who is the Health Educator,Community Outreach and Prevention Education at Huntsman Cancer Institute.

The speaker gave an educational presentation highlighting cancer prevention, screening guidelines that have been developed to detect cancer at the earliest, most treatable stage, most common cancer types in Utah, breast cancer awareness, the most prevalent cancers, the latest research being done in various fields of cancer,  tips for sun- safety ,and more. She also educated the participants on the precautions one can take to lower the risk of cancer and the dietary and lifestyle changes needed. A video by and of cancer survivors was also shown to increase awareness about cancer. After the session, the speaker answered questions that the audience put to her.  Then it was the speaker’s turn to ask some questions of the audience and those who answered correctly were given token gifts.


“Presentation was so educative and well received.I am amazed what great events Pacifica Institute organizes. Thanks a lot.” said Izabela Valero,Psychologist.

“You are truly too generous and I was overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness. I look forward to telling my UVU students all about the amazing things you are doing in the community, something I greatly respect.” said the guest speaker Jane Ostler.

This was followed by Turkish snacks and tea.

All in all, it was a very warm, heartwarming and educative evening.