Faculty and Students Came Together for an Iftar Dinner

Faculty and Students Came Together for an Iftar Dinner

Thursday, June 23, 2016 – Pacifica Institute Los Angeles held one of its iftars in its Playa Del Rey Office. It is one of the many meals Pacifica Institute has been inviting neighbors and friends to come and share the experience of the  month of fasting of Ramadan.

During the month Muslims believe that there is a blessing in this month. But what it makes it more speacial is when the meal is shared with people of different faith traditions, backgrounds and neighbors. So at the time of sun going down which signals the end of the day of fasting, evening time call to prayer was performed. After that, breaking bread together with guests introducing themselves to each other. Near the end of the dinner, each table was asked to compile their Ramadan experience.

Dr Pandya said breaking fast dinner experience has become a norm where people experience and enrich themselves throughout this month. Syed Rizvani said that the meaning of the pillars of Islam is nowadays conveyed through rituals whereas in the old days, these pillars were conveyed to the community by way of charity, by way of community, by way of science. Faith was in action but now faith is deeply embedded in the rituals.  

Dr Koca added during the month of Ramadan, a simple seemingly banal bounty of water becomes the most valuable bounty near the end of the day during the month of fasting which this  month also signals breaking  away from the usual habits of the day.  Bernadette Skubik prayed “Even as we see troubles abounding on every side, may we see even more God’s grace abound. Most especially we are of one heart at this iftar- fast breaking dinner, desiring love and justice. Even as we are reminded by this call which enables us together, ‘He has shown you, O man, what the Lord requires of you to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God “

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