An Overview of Baha’i Faith: Beliefs, Teachings & History

An Overview of Baha’i Faith: Beliefs, Teachings & History

Mark moved to California in 1979 and married his wife in 1980. Since becoming a Baha’i’ in 1984, Mark Currie has been active in Interfaith building. Moving into Huntington Beach in 1989, Mark was elected to the Local Spiritual Assembly. Because the Baha’i’ Faith has no clergy, the LSA carries out the affairs of the community. Joining the Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council in 2008, Mark has served on the Executive Board as Treasurer, At Large member and is a past President. Taking the reins again as President, he looks forward to the upcoming service projects such as the Community Day of Service, The National Day of Prayer, and The Blessings of the Waves. Through we may be of different Faiths and Traditions, we can all come together to serve our communities and make them a better place for all to live and worship. Mark owns his own company that produces plastic bottles for the pharmacies that he sells both locally and nationally. 


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