Cooking Club [every other Friday 6-8pm]

Turkish cuisine is no longer an exotic mystery, but an open door for further discovery.

Pacifica Institute hosts cooking club for ladies every other Friday night at 6 to 8pm. Participants experience fun-filled hours while learning some authentic Turkish recipes such as pide, baklava, dolma, meat-stuffed eggplant, Mediterranean style vegetables, and various kabaps.

Each session starts with the live demonstration of preparing and cooking the menu of the week. It is hands-on, informative with step-by- step instructions, and most of all very tasty. Anybody is welcome to bring up cooking questions,  and swap recipes in this casual and friendly environment.

To join the club, please send an e-mail to

One thought on “Cooking Club [every other Friday 6-8pm]

  1. Linda Dorian

    I am interested in attending the next cooking club Friday.
    Thank you for the opportunity to learn the receipes that are so familiar to me as
    an Armenian American.
    Linda Dorian


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