Noah’s Pudding Contest

Noah’s Pudding Contest

Noah’s Pudding Nights have been a tradition of Pacifica Institute Women’s League. According to the legend, Prophet Noah cooked a meal with a little bit of everything left in the ark after the flood. To commemorate this event, Anatolian people cook a dessert named Ashure (Noah’s Pudding) around this time every year, and share it with family, friends and neighbors.

This year’s event on Feb 5th featured a dessert contest, dinner, music, fun and more. Each contestant was paired up with a Turkish cook, and nine groups with different cultural backgrounds were formed.

Each team prepared a dessert called Noah’s Pudding at home and brought it in front of the judges. The puddings were scored based on presentation, taste and texture. The center of attention during the night was the contest table with creatively presented puddings on it for judges to view and taste. The winning team members received an apron with “Top Chef of Pacifica Institute” written on it, while each contestant was given oven mittens as a token of appreciation for all the hard work that they went through.


The success of the event was best summarized by a statement made by a contestant: “I cannot wait one whole year until I can compete again!”

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