Annual Dialogue and Friendship Dinner, Silicon Valley

4 thoughts on “Annual Dialogue and Friendship Dinner, Silicon Valley

  1. Rev. Dr. Bob & Marianne Butziger

    We will attend the 8th Annual Dialogue & Friendship Dinner and bring guests David & Ruth McCreath

  2. Marisa Jenkins

    I will attend the the 8th Annual Dialogue & Friendship Dinner and will bring A. Jenkins, my husband, as guest. Thank you.

  3. Elsie & Jack Hasling

    Jack and I are/were not able to attend this auspicious event. I do apologize for responding so late. We were on a trip earlier in the month and also had out-of-town company; then I thought he was RSVPing, and discovered he thought I was doing that.
    We both agreed that the choice of the speaker was excellent, and regretted that we were unable to take advantage of your gracious invitation. We hope to revive our participation in the activities of your Sunnyvale chapter next year.

  4. Elsie & Jack Hasling

    I “lost” the comment I just posted, so this may be a repeat: We were unable to attend this dialog/dinner event in San Francisco, and regret missing the deadline to RSVP. Our apologies! We would have loved hearing Mr. Akyol speak. I would like to mention also that we do appreciate the role Turkey is playing in the current distressing mid-east conflagration of its neighbors.
    Thank you for the invitation to this outstaanding event, ans please forgive our failure to RSVP earlier.
    Elsie Hasling and Jack Hasling


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