Thanksgiving Dinner at Berkeley

BayCC was the host to the traditional dinner in the national holiday of Thanksgiving Day. Many people from various ethnic backgrounds participated to the dinner which is jointly held with Pacifica Institute. The program began with the service of traditional dish turkey. Then there happened several speeches regarding the historical, social and cultural importance of the Thanksgiving Day.

During the night, the problems that challenges the world for a long period of time like hunger, war and diseases were questioned again. The main idea has been the importance of rendering thanks to the blessings that we had. It was mentioned that the troubles that we are going through in our daily life are actually insignificant compared to the world life challenges. Moreover it is indicated that how it is necessary to lend a hand and sympathize with people who are struggling for years with sufferings and depression. All the participants unanimously agreed with the idea that dialogue between the cultures and the need to know each other better plays an important role in dealing with these problems. The night was one of the most beautiful examples of cross-cultural interaction. The program ended with the service of tea and pumpkin desert accompanied by friendly conversation.

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