Pacifica Lectures: C. C. Yin

Pacifica Lectures: C. C. Yin

DSC_3947C.C. Yin’s talk at Pacifica Institute, Silicon Valley office on May 3rd was entertaining and inspiring. Escaping from China during the Communist takeover, Mr. Yin arrived in America as a young man with no friends, family, or possessions. The rest is, as they say, history.

With humor and insight, C.C shared how, after losing his civil engineering job, he became the owner of a failing McDonalds restaurant in East Oakland. With sheer grit and perseverance, Mr. Yin educated himself on American laws and politics, became involved in the community, and made himself familiar with the people and cultures in the neighborhood which turned the East Oakland McDonald’s into one of the community’s favorite site to meet, enjoy food, and discuss about the issues for the good of the community.

That was the foundation for the successes of twenty-three McDonalds restaurants currently owned by C.C. He now spends all his time and resources on community work with an emphasis on developing young leaders who will be prepared to lead their communities in all facets of business and politics. C.C. has been a living example of the American dream for many years; he now shares his experiences and insights for generations to come.

An audience of about fifty people was inspired with C.C. Yin’s message of taking ownership for one’s communities, staying involved with local politics, and the importance of helping through charities and community service. C.C. has praised the Pacifica Institute and its members on their efforts in bringing the communities together on a common goal of understanding and serving to those in need.

The evening ended with a buffet of delicious Turkish dishes and fresh fruits.





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  1. Laura and Mark Robichek

    We would love to attend, and were RSVPd for the original date. We are looking forward to coming on May 3rd, and will look for a revised RSVP link for this new date.


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