Ramadan Iftar Dinner in Sunnyvale Branch (July 2nd, 2014)

On July 2nd, Pacifica Institute, Sunnyvale branch, hosted a Ramadan Iftar dinner for community members and local city officials. The evening started with a short video introducing Pacifica Institute, its Interfaith activities, and its goals for the future. A delicious and generous meal of Turkish dishes, locally prepared, was enjoyed by all.

After the Iftar meal, local city officials in attendance from Sunnyvale were introduced and asked to share their thoughts. Vice Mayor Jim Davis thanked Mahmut Altun and his family for their friendship and for inviting him again this year to enjoy another community Iftar. Mr. Davis expressed his appreciation for the work that Pacfica Institute and its members do; he also noted the expansion and improvements to the Pacifica SV office. Chief Frank Grgurina and Deputy Chief Dave Pitts, Department of Public Safety, also thanked everyone for a return invitation. Both spoke on how important Pacifica’s community efforts and activities are and how continued involvement and support helps make their jobs easier. Chief Grgurina shared Jim Davis’ appreciation for the changes in Pacifica’s office.

Mahmut Altun, Pacifica Institute Director for Northern California, thanks all of the guests for their attendance with a special thanks to all the Pacifica Institute members and volunteers for their part in making the evening a success.

We look forward to seeing everyone again at future events.

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