Ramadan Iftar Dinner in Sunnyvale Branch (July 8th, 2014)

July 8th was the second 2014 Ramadan Community Iftar hosted by Pacifica Institute, Sunnyvale branch. The evening started with a short video introducing Pacifica Institute, its Interfaith activities, and its goals for the future.

Everyone enjoyed an assortment of locally prepared Turkish dishes and desserts. After the Iftar meal city officials from Cupertino and San Jose were introduced and asked to share their thoughts. Also joining the Iftar and asked to say a few words were Pastor Bob Mckee from St. Luke Lutheran Church and Rabi Elisheva Salamo from Keddem Congregation.

Rod Sinks, Vice Mayor of Cupertino, thanked Pacifica for the return invitation. He praised the new video presentation and Pacifica Institutes’ community efforts and activities.

San Jose Councilman Johnny Khamis expressed his appreciation for the meal we had all just enjoyed and commented on the expansion of the Sunnyvale Pacifica Institute office. He thanked everyone for a job well done and added how much the community involvement by Pacifica and similar organizations was needed.

Rabbi Elisheva Salamo, who had brought some of her students to share the Iftar experience, drew a correlation in the purpose of the Jewish tradition of fasting and Ramadan fasting. She offered that this was a time to be introspective and shared a short parable about always needing to be aware of what we ‘cast out’ into the world.

St. Luke Pastor Bob Mckee stated that he was grateful for being included in the Community Iftar and likened the sharing of food, communion, the coming together of peoples, as an opportunity to be our best and see the best in each other. Also Pastor Bob Mckee thanks to Hizmet Movement to having this organization at Silicon Valley.

Mahmut Altun, Pacifica Institute Director for Northern California, thanks all of the guests for their attendance with a special thanks to all the Pacifica Institute members and volunteers for their part in making the evening a success.

We look forward to seeing everyone again at future events.

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