Pacifica Lecture Series: Eugene Park

Dr. Eugene Eung-Chun Park, who is the Dana and Dave Dornsife Professor of New Testament at SFTS, sees himself primarily as a biblical scholar whose engagement with the text has both historical and theological dimensions. He is a New Testament scholar, who strives to be a careful exegete of early Christian literature.

In the past event held at Pacifica East Bay Branch, Dr. Park specifically talked about detailed history and importance of Antioch in the Christian belief, where the site of an early church, traditionally said to be founded by Peter who is considered the first bishop. He emphasized that the city is just one living example of rich Anatolia history, where many different cultures ranging from Greeks to Romans and Ottomans and beliefs live in harmony for centuries.

Guests were attended to Dr. Park’s talk after enjoying delicious Turkish style breakfast. These events brings not only Turkish community together but enables us to interact with local communities and our neighbors.

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