Speaker Series: Tulin Acikalin – "Collaborating for Safety"

Speaker Series: Tulin Acikalin – "Collaborating for Safety"

On November 18 2014, Pacifica Institute hosted Tulin D. Acikalin,  Managing Attorney at Bay Area Legal Aid, for her talk on “Collaborating for Safety: Helping Families and Children Live Free from Violence”.

Ms. Acikalin clearly explained the complex dynamics of domestic violence, and its short and long term impacts on children, and finally helped us understand the role we can play in stopping domestic violence.  Ms. Acikalin described Power and Control Wheel which is a particularly helpful tool in understanding the overall pattern of abusive and violent behaviors that are used by a batterer to establish control over his partner. With few real life examples, Ms. Acikalin articulated that children who witness domestic violence are damaged more than those who are directly victimized.

As one of the many communities in the Bay Area,  to end domestic violence, we must end children’s exposure to domestic violence and support  those victimized in their efforts to escape the abuse. There are many resources available  both in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.  Next Door (www.nextdoor.org) would be one of the agencies that can be contacted either by a victim or a bystander to seek for help (Hotline: 408-279-2962).

The evening concluded with a delicious buffet of Turkish food and great follow up discussions at dinner tables. 

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