Speaker Series with Lt. Ryan Yin: ‘Crime Prevention Tips’



On Feb 24th, Tuesday, Pacifica Institute Silicon Valley Branch had another of its ‘Speaker Series’ talks. The guest speaker was public safety Lieutenant Ryan Yin, the supervisor for Crime Prevention Unit at City of Sunnyvale. Lt. Yin was accompanied by Captain Jeff Hunter.

Lt. Yin first told about their department ‘Public Safety’, how they operated, and that their models were different from other cities. Then he went on to talk about crime rates and crime prevention tips.

With the advance of technology to quickly access information, people can hear about crimes quickly and more often which leads to perception that the crime rates are high. However, Lt. Yin mentioned the City of Sunnyvale was one of the safest cities in the country.

Some of the shared tips were:
* Be aware of your surrounding
* When on vacation have timer lights in various rooms and  leave a car in your driveway
* Always report anything you see suspicious

On the second half of the talk, Lt. Yin and Capt. Hunter answered questions from the audience.  After the talk, lunch was served by Pacifica Institute and the guests enjoyed food and further discussions at lunch tables.

We would like to thank Capt. Hunter and Lt. Yin  for their time and service.


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