Ramadan Iftar Dinner to Raise Awareness for Refugees

Ramadan Iftar Dinner to Raise Awareness for Refugees

cortese_refugees_02On World Refugee Day, 6/20/2016, Pacifica Institute hosted Ramadan Iftar Dinner to raise awareness for the thousands of refugee families fleeing their homes due to conflicts. To escape violence, they leave everything behind, everything except their homes and dreams for a safer future. With more than 100 guests, breaking bread and sharing their views and experiences on the refugee crisis, the event was full of experio

 In his keynote speech, Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese has highlighted the importance of building bridges and understanding between different communities. Dave has shared his experiences and efforts in community building efforts in Santa Clara County.

cortese_refugees_03 The dinner followed by a wonderful Turkish Marble Art demonstration by the marbling, illumination, gliding, and fine paper carving artist Ms. Hulya Yaatasi. The guests were able to observe live demonstrations of marbling and asked questions about shaping the paint on water.

 Pacifica thanks to our friends who were able to join us in this event honoring and raising awareness for the refugees.

 We stand together #WithRefugees.