Int’l Women’s Day 2017 celebrated with supervisor Cindy Chavez

Int’l Women’s Day 2017 celebrated with supervisor Cindy Chavez

A successful event, thanks to you.

International Women’s Day 2017 was celebrated in a big way on March 8th when Silicon Valley UNA held a speaker/dinner engagement featuring keynote speaker, Supervisor Cindy Chavez

Over 155 guests were treated to a delightful singing performance of the Raging Grannies, an exceptional presentation by Supervisor Chavez, followed by a delicious meal prepared and served by Pacifica Institute’s volunteers.

Guests were riveted to Ms. Chavez presentation that touched on the many major issues that are currently causing great alarm in the community. She not only discussed the problems, but talked about ongoing initiatives that are tackling the problems, offered solutions and ways that everyone can help in advocacy.

Sheriff Laurie Smith was an added bonus to an already phenomenal evening. She spoke about her 44 year history of working as a sheriff and the changes that have occurred since the beginning of her career in law enforcement. A spirited Q&A reinforced the importance of these issues and gave the audience a sense of hope for positive change.

Silicon Valley UNA wishes to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude for our excellent guest speakers, Supervisor Chavez and Sheriff Laurie Smith, to Pacifica Institute for their gracious hospitality and finally, to all those individuals who contributed their time and effort to make this an extremely successful event.





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