Rabbi Menachem Creditor: World will be built from love

Rabbi Menachem Creditor: World will be built from love

Rabbi Menachem Creditor was our guest speaker on March 19, Sunday at Pacifica Institute East Bay Branch where Muslim and Jewish communities shared the same table for a community breakfast event.

Rabbi Menachem Creditor is the spiritual leader of Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, CA, and the founder and chair of Rabbis Against Gun Violence. His talk focused on the Lessons from the Jewish American immigrant experience.

He emphasized that love is not limited to those speaking the same language. We have a unique opportunity to build love among people from all faiths. According to early teachings: Never judge someone until you have reached that Person’s place. Even though we love to discover how much we have in common as Jews and Muslims, We should have important moment of humility. We are here to do good as commanded by God. You should love your fellow as you love yourself. We need to cherish and celebrate what makes us who we are, proud Jews and Muslims that gives us courage and confidence in America.

Muslims and Jews should show up for each other and speak for rights. When Jewish Cemeteries were attacked and desecrated recently; It was the American Muslims who showed up raising funds, helping and praying together. When the mosques were attacked and burnt in Texas and Florida, Jewish community showed up for Muslim friends to help.

What we have learnt from Jewish immigrant experience that you should not feel so secure. There are lots of threats targeting synagogues recently from all around country that new security measures are adapted to protect children, elderly and the all community.

We have to build love with each other in the moment of threats and hardships. This is the moment we show up for each other.

Rabbi Menachem Creditor concluded that world will be built from love and there is no other way and we will never be done.


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