Ramadan Iftar Dinner at Silicon Valley Branch – May 30

Ramadan Iftar Dinner at Silicon Valley Branch – May 30

On Tuesday, May 30th 2017, Pacifica Institute held it’s first Iftar Dinner for the month of Ramadan this year. The dinner included 18 different congregations form the Christian and Jewish faiths. The dinner also included esteemed guests like Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith and Andrew Kille from Silicon Valley Interreligious Council. 

The dinner began with an introduction video of what Ramadan is, how fasting is performed and the importance of it. Then dinner was served and the guests viewed a short clip about Fethullah Gulen and the Hizmet Movement. Afterwards, Sherriff Laurie Smith and Andrew Kille both expressed their views on the impact Pacifica Institute had made and continue to make on the community of Silicon Valley and expressed their support.

The guests were also reminded that the turmoil in Turkey was still happening and continues to affect lies of countless women, men and children. The attacks in Manchester and Portland was also reminded and condemned by members of Pacifica Institute, as they were an act of violence and against any values that Pacifica Institute stands for.

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