The Role of Informal Education in Women’s Empowerment – New York, NY

The Role of Informal Education in Women’s Empowerment – New York, NY


On March 15th, in New York, at the United Nations 63rd Commission on the Status of Women,  Women’s Youth Group had a panel titled “The Role of Informal Education on Women’s Empowerment”. We had 6 youth present their projects within that context.

Two panelists discussed two projects that demonstrated the importance of language, specifically learning English so women could use their potential. One of the projects was a local conversation partnership within the Los Altos United Methodist Church, the other was an international online language support group to serve the refugees in Europe. Our panelists discussed how their experience changed their lives as well as the refugee women who were supported.

One panelist shared the art exhibit that provided mental health support through art, titled “What I brought in my luggage”. This exhibit shared the stories of the refugees that only had a single backpack or suitcase when fleeing the country and highlighted the importance of what they brought with them, because they had very limited space.

A young high school girl shared her project where she provided informal education and support menstrual health for women in rural Africa. She highlighted how they chose to show how to make and use reusable pads so the women could be self sustaining. Lastly, we had a local college student talk about her involvement in women’s self defense and the classes and support they provide for women all over the US, not just physical self defense but verbal and mental as well.


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