Sufism is a school of practice that emphasizes the inward search for God and shuns materialism. Its modern-day adherents cherish tolerance and pluralism, qualities that in many religions unsettle extremists.

Rabbi Tsvi Bar-David is the founder of Qirvah (closeness to God) multi-faith community, which is centered about getting into the Godzone through music in the fusional style of Sufi. His talk will include the Sufi Jewish connection from past to present

Rashid Patch have been involved in sufi practice since the mid-1970s and have performed as a musician and as a semazen in the Mevlevi “Sema” ritual in the U.S., in Canada and various locations including the house of Rumi in Konya. His talk will focus on Islamic perspectives into Sufism.

Sunday, March, 1 2020

Pacifica Institute East Bay Branch

979 San Pablo Avenue 2nd Floor

Albany, CA 94706

Brunch @ 10:30 am

Talks @ 11:30 am

Music Performance @ 12:30

FREE Admission – RSVP Required