“Islam, Science and History”

“Islam, Science and History”

Pacifica Institute Lecture Series

“Islam, Science and History”

Prof. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed


PART 1 : Wednesday, January 27, @ 7:00 pm

“Science, History and Faith In Islam. Golden Age.”

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PART 2 : Wednesday, Feb 3, @ 7:00 pm

“What went wrong?”

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Prof. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed is a distinguished NASA scientist, inventor, historian, legislator and philanthropist. He was a chief scientist on the NASA Hubble Telescope and a team leader on the Apollo moon landing project. He holds 12 US Patents in space sciences and is the author of dozens of scientific articles in international journals. A former member of Legislative Assembly in Bangalore, he was also a member of the state knowledge commission in India. He is the author of several books on Islamic history and has translated the Qur’an into American English.  Dr. Ahmed will speak to us on Science, History and Faith in Islam.

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