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Intercultural Dialog Trips to Turkiye

Intercultural Dialog Trips to Turkiye

Throughout nearly 80,000 years of history, many great civilizations thrived and left their legacy in the land of Anatolia, modern day Türkiye. The Intercultural Dialog Trips to this “cradle of civilizations” explores the rich cultures that have matured over time and extends the bridges of friendship between the peoples of the United States and Turkiye. These trips enable understanding through social and cultural interactions, and give the participants an opportunity to make new friends and invaluable connections. The trips feature a unique experience of not just tourist sites, but contact with the peoples and cultures of Turkiye on many occasions such as the dinners at host families.

My visit to Turkey hosted by the Pacifica Institute created a lifetime awareness within me of the vast cultural and historical importance of this ancient part of our world. We all share in the story of Turkey’s history and wish her the best in all that is good.
Leroy D. Baca - Sheriff Los Angeles County
The Pacifica Institute’s tour of Turkey is easily one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. While I have traveled to many parts of the globe, I cannot recall another trip that is quite like this one in terms of its capacity to affect both one mind and one’s heart. The beauty of Turkey—the great city of Istanbul, the Mediterranean coast, and the mountains and plains of Cappadochia—is dazzling. But even more astonishing is the people. The generous hospitality of the Turkish people will be a memory for a lifetime. If the goal of the tour is to foster cross-cultural understanding, deep reflection, and meaningful dialogue, then the Pacifica Institute tour is a five-star experience
Darryl Tippens - Provost, Pepperdine University

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