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The First Pacifica Institute Cooking Class in 2014 Took Place at the San Diego Branch

Pacifica Institute’s first Cooking Class in 2014 took place in January 25th, Saturday at San Diego branch.

Volunteers of Pacifica Institute San Diego presented three different dishes at the class, and 20 students participated to the cooking class. Students were given an opportunity to practice their culinary skills with guidance of traditional chiefs. Coordinator of Cooking Class, Sukran Kivrak stated “We are building bridges with our diverse San Diego community members by introducing rich Anatolian Cuisine.” At the the Cooking Class, Stuffed Veggies (Sebze Dolmasi), Sultan’s Delight (Sultan Lokum) and Cacik (Yogurt with grated cucumber) were presented. Participants of Pacifica Institute Cooking Class tasted the meal they help to cook and socialized each other by sharing their own stories.

Pacifica Institute offers beginner level hands-on Turkish Culinary Cooking Classes once a month. Authentic and traditional Turkish and Ottoman dishes are prepared with fresh local vegetables, fruits and meat from the scratch. A reservation through is required to attend as seats are limited and fills quickly. Three course of meals are thought and tasted at every class.

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