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Pacifica Volunteers Lifting women’s spirit with LAMP Community

Pacifica Institute joined LAMP Community on Feb. 8, 2014, to hold the community’s “Diva Day,” dedicated to provide health and wellness services to the women of Skid Row.In addition tobeing the beverage sponsor, Pacificamobilized its volunteers to help LAMP turn the day into a success. The volunteers were involved in serving food, sorting the donated clothing items and coordinating the flow of people around the stations.

Diva Day was intended as a one-day opportunity to reach out to the women in Skid Row, notoriously known to host the largest homeless population in the nation. The community had worked with several other institutions in advance to determine the women who would be participating in the event and had them registered.From 11 a.m. through 3 p.m., around50 women in need benefited from the services provided, including blood pressure screening, hairdressing, nail care as well as free clothing and hygiene kits. Moreover, they participated in self-esteem workshops designed to boost their fundamental attributes that might be stripped away during homelessness.

Along with Pacifica Institute, Roots Foundation and Women of Wisdom from Inglewood Community Church also gave a hand and took the opportunity to empower the women both physically and mentally.It took months to put the event together,Beth Stirnaman, LAMP’s volunteer coordinator, said and expressed her gratitude to the participating institutions for making it possible.

LAMP Community is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization seeking to permanently end homelessness by providing a continuum of services and housing. In cooperation with more participant organizations, it intends to hold the Diva Day event monthly.

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