Iftar Shabbat Event at Temple Beth Am Los Angeles

Iftar Shabbat Event at Temple Beth Am Los Angeles
Iftar is a fast breaking meal during the month of Ramadan when  other  abstain from food and drinks and also sympathize with the poor and needy so that they become more charitable throughout the year.
Shabbat is a day to remember and observe and a day of joy marked with a traditional meal, service and abstaining from worldly affairs.
So nearing the middle of Ramadan, Temple Beth Am witnessed the coming together of Muslims seeing a Shabbat service, Jewish prayers and Jews experiencing call to prayer, evening prayer in congregation and fast breaking dinner.
During the Shabbat, congregation of Beth Am joyously observed their service with religious hymns and liturgy compiled from the book of festivals and Rabbi Adam Kligfeld ended the prayer by saying that we need more tables than walls where we can share and understand each other.
Then people proceeded to the dinner hall where fast breaking meal and evening prayer was going to be observed by Muslims.
Edhan- call to prayer was performed live signaling the end of day for Muslims to break their fast. The clocks ticked  8:08 when fasting of the day ended. Muslims took the first sip of water of the day and plates of dates swapped among Jews and Muslims.  Muslim guests then proceeded to perform the evening prayer.
A large selection of cuisine was awaiting for the guests and hosts to share not only food but their religious experiences and unforgettable festivities of their respective traditions.
Then came the joint discussion part lead by Rabbi Ari Lucas and Dr Ozgur Koca where vision and prayers of Moses in Torah and Quran were elaborately discussed.
The night came to an end by thanking Rabbi Adam Kligfeld and congregation Beth Am for their hospitality and also thanking Michelle Stone, Los Angeles City Manager of Shalom Hartman North America for making the arrangements of two communities coming together at an Iftar Shabbat event.


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