“Martin Luther King’s Dream” by Dr. Brad Stone

“Martin Luther King’s Dream” by Dr. Brad Stone

On Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017, Dr Brad Stone spoke at Pacifica Insitute Los Angeles branch on Martin Luther King’s Dream..

Dr Stone starts by saying “We will be talking about procedures that African Americans have put into place.” And continues that ” There are three key phrases that are here with Martin Luther King. We should not fall into the trap of Santa Clausification of King.”

Dr Stone shares that “When I talk about Dr King, I am talking about his philosophical views.” Dr Stone mentions that King talks about the books he read and that he got his doctorate in Boston University. Brad Stone adds that Dr King gives up theoritical and takes up activist side. King is not only making great speeches but writing wonderful pieces.

Dr Stone says “African Americans have been writing. We can teach several courses of African American writing now. Second piece is reverend King. Dr kings speech in front of Lincoln Memorial is actually a sermon. Spiritual resilience is: Prayer so that we are aligned in the same way and his vision is the kingdom of God on earth as brothers and sisters. He becomes a preacher at the end of the dream speech. Not only theological formation but spiritual formation is significant.”

Dr Stone continues that  “Reformation is in three senses. King is forcing country to be more itself. And urging church to its calling like the 16th century reformer Luther. Dr King wants to bring decency and dignity to the social life. Letter from Birmingham jail is a reformation effort. Dr King talks about China, Vietnam and Brazil. Injustice anywhere is justice everywhere. Only 26 percent of African Americans approved of Dr King at the time.”

Dr Brad Stone finished his lecture with three mottos which are “Never give up”, “never give in” and “never sell out”.

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