Annual Dialog and Friendship Dinners


Pacifica Institute established the tradition of Annual Dialog and Friendship Dinner in 2004. The Annual Dialog and Friendship Dinners are organized to contribute to the progress of intercultural-interfaith dialogue and peace. With the participation of esteemed guests and people from different faiths, cultures, and ethnicities, these gatherings have come to symbolize our desire to achieve a genuine cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. Annual Dialog and Friendship Dinners have now become a tradition in Orange County, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Honolulu, and Portland.

I was just realizing what a wonderful job Pacifica Institute has done, turning walls into tables.
Bishop Dean Nelson – Southwest California Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Abraham’s Table
Pacifica Institute has adopted Abraham’s tradition of hospitality and formed Abraham’s Table to host members of monotheistic religions for a dinner event to discuss common traditions and shares values. Prophet Abraham had his door wide open to friends, neighbors and even total strangers. Sharing a meal with no strings attached, he set an example of compassion that lies at the heart of every religion. This great love for all human beings is a reflection of God’s love for all creation.