Lecture Series with Prof. Aydogan Ozcan

Lecture Series with Prof. Aydogan Ozcan

Professor Ozcan spoke on the topic of “Telemedicine Microscopy towards Smart Global Health Systems”. He began his lecture with a thought-provoking statement that asked the audience to imagine bulky microscopes being replaced by cell phones.

He went on to explain that these cell phones would make use of a technology called LUCAS. This is a lens-free technology where imaging is achieved through cell shadows. LUCAS makes use of digital holography which provides a lot more compact and cost-effective platform. Prof. Ozcan noted that this development gives health-care providers in rural and remote areas easier access to much needed testing equipment.

Prof. Ozcan gave several examples including detection of bacteria in water samples or lymphocyte imaging in whole blood.

The lecture came to an end with questions and answers session.

Further information on Prof. Ozcan’s research at UCLA is available at: http://innovate.ee.ucla.edu/welcome.html

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