Lecture Series with Prof. Bradley Hawkins

Lecture Series with Prof. Bradley Hawkins

How similar roads can be when they all lead to find the divine. The most recent lecture series at the Pacifica institutes Irvine branch resulted in many great questions and the realization that if you are on the path to find the divine the road is very similar whatever our Faith background may be. One of the questions from the audience was “what would the difference be between a Christian Mystic and a Muslim or Sufi Mystic?” the answer was nothing at all. On the path to finding the Divine many roads can be walked and none are better than the other according to Prof. Bradley Hawkins. The Divine can be found in the simpler things in life as well. It’s up to the individual to see when they live that moment. May we all be on the best path to become closer and more in tune to the Divine.

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