Immigration and American identity

Immigration and American identity

Dr. Charles Hirschman’s lecture was mainly about mass immigration in the U.S and how

it affected the American society.

Between 1964-1966, within only two years, civil rights has changed in the country that

discrimination towards certain groups was illegal at that time. The change in the civil

rights, followed by Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement was supported by

majority of the English descent Americans, he said. The children and the grandchildren

of the immigrants were now the major force of the law that led to immigration reform.

He also mentioned that, although mass immigration brought competition among labor

forces, this adjustment not only brought competition but also new industries some to

mention; beauty, technology and any caregiver services to the American society. He

added, immigrants were hard working people that they were named ‘immigrant strivers’

for a reason.

He concluded the lecture by acknowledging that this era is a mass immigration era

although it brings tension to individuals of the society. Dr. Hirschman said ‘This is who

we are’ which summed up the lecture.

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