Community Appreciation Dinner with Sheriff Laurie Smith

Community Appreciation Dinner with Sheriff Laurie Smith

Pacifica Institute had the honor and privilege of hosting a community appreciation dinner with distinguished members of the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office on May 6, 2015 at Pacifica Institute’s Silicon Valley branch. The event started with a video presentation about Pacifica and its wide range activities from friendship and dialogue dinners to volunteering for community. That was followed by the dinner; delicious dishes prepared by Pacifica volunteers and warm conversations at tables. Exchange of stories and ideas on how to better engage and serve the community were the main topics.

Assistant Sheriff Ken Binder  and Pacifica director Mahmut Altun gave brief remarks to the audience on behalf of their organizations. Finally, as a token of appreciation and friendship, small gifts were exchanged by Pacifica Institute and Sheriff’s Office, an ‘Ebru’ artwork (marble painting on water) by Pacifica, and a placard by Sheriff’s Office. The night ended with everyone in a family photo and hoping to meet again.

As a side note; the honor guest of the dinner, Sheriff Laura Smith, was unable to join the event due to a last minute emergency. However, her office was very well represented and we would like to thank our friends at Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office and Pacifica Institute community members for making this a memorable night.

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