Pacifica Institute’s Silicon Valley branch has held its annual Thanksgiving dinner on Friday November 22, 2013. More than 100 guests attended the dinner to celebrate and give our thanks as our forefathers did 300 years ago. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated after a successful harvest. The Pilgrims were thankful for surviving a long and brutal New England winter, and for having enough food to feed their families. Today, we celebrate by gathering with friends and family, eating good food, enjoying each others company, and sharing what we are thankful for.

Additional to the traditional Thanksgiving recipes, the volunteers of Pacifica have prepared Turkish deserts with their traditional touch. The feast was one of a kind; some of our guests have expressed their appreciation by speaking and sharing their Thanksgiving stories at the stage. The dinner was followed by payers by Pastor Peggy Briand and Mr. Oktay Erbil.

As the members of the Institute, we would like to thank our guests for their participation. We hope that our fellowship and love experienced at the dinner will continue to echo in our lives in the days and years lie ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season with your family and friends.

Pacifica Institute