Pacifica Orange County hosted a Ramadan Iftar for the Muslim community of Orange County at its new location in Irvine on Tuesday June 30th, 2015. The evening started with an introduction to Pacifica and a welcome speech. The importance of Ramadan was iterated and our attention and prayers were directed to people all around the world who are currently suffering. Ramadan is a time to reflect and appreciate the blessings given to us by Allah (God) and it is vital that we share our blessings with others.

Pacifica believes in fostering dialogue among different faiths and cultures. It was a great evening where Muslims of different backgrounds and traditions came together to open their fasts with the athan (call to prayer).

While enjoying the food prepared by Pacifica volunteers, the director of the Orange Crescent preschool, Mrs. Saima Rafiq, thanked everyone for putting on this iftar and for being invited. She touched upon Ramadan being a great time in bringing people together and the importance of being grounded in our faith while reaching out to people of other faiths.

Muslim Iftar Dinner.Towards the end of the evening the speaker opened the microphone to anyone willing to share their thoughts. An elementary school student, Halid, shared his experiences of being one of a handful Muslim students at his school and how he welcomes his friends to his local masjid.  Being the youngest ever speaker at a Pacifica event, he received the most enthusiastic applause.

After enjoying dessert, tea and wonderful conversations continued around the tables.