Pacifica Institute OC hosted a Coffee and Art Night

77e3798bb9782084333898c5f75d9aab_MMore than 70 women came together around tables to knit the squares of a memory quilt for the victims of Sandy Hurricane, however we were saddened and shocked by the Connecticut shootings happened just the two days before our event and we decided to make one more quilt for the memories of those little angels. We prayed God to protect innocent children from such violence.

At each table knitting experts spent time to teach how to knit to novices. After figuring out how to knit, everyone was so dedicated to finish their piece before the end of the event that no one wanted to give a break even to get some food. After multiple invites to the food table, all the guests enjoyed a variety of Turkish salads, baked goods, and desserts along with Turkish coffee, of course.

The first person from each table who finished the piece was rewarded with a CD of a Turkish singer. The finished pieces were collected at the end of the event and guests were informed that they could finish their pieces and drop them to Pacifica by Wednesday. Then volunteers will attach the pieces together to make the blanket.

Some items were sold and donations were collected to send to Sandy victims along with the memory quilt.

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