Annual San Francisco Ramadan Interfaith iftar

Ramadan: The Month of Connecting

You’re invited to a special event where we come together to embrace the spirit of Ramadan. Join us for an evening of unity, reflection, and joy as we celebrate this sacred month.

With interfaith prayers for peace, distinguished speakers, the Islamic Call to Prayer (Adhan), food, and conversations, all are invited to
share the Ramadan joy among friends.

Grace Cathedral – Gresham Hall

Address: 1100 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94108





Ramadan Video

Call to prayer

Breaking the fast

Sufi Music

Finishing remarks

 Event Summary:

Event Summary:The Annual Ramadan Interfaith Iftar, themed “Ramadan: The Month of Connecting Communities,” provided an inclusive space for individuals to gather and celebrate the spirit of Ramadan. The event commenced with a warm welcome, followed by insightful speeches and a Ramadan video presentation. Attendees participated in interfaith prayers for peace and experienced the Islamic Call to Prayer (Adhan) before breaking the fast together. Throughout the evening, guests engaged in meaningful conversations while enjoying delicious food. The ambiance was enhanced with the melodious tunes of Sufi music, creating an atmosphere of unity and joy. The event concluded with finishing remarks, leaving attendees with a sense of connection and reflection on the significance of Ramadan.