Temple Judea Shabbat Iftar Dinner
Date: March 23
Time: 6:




Let’s come together, celebrate Shabbat and break fast in community.




Temple Judea Shabbat Iftar 2023

Temple Judea Shabbat Iftar kicked off with the Shabbat when Cantor performed religious liturgy throughout the service.

Rabbi Aaronson then mentioned a conservative theologian who stressed that Jews should live in ghettos but among diverse group of people. And that the necessity of interfaith is more than ever and is best practiced through the lens of valuing humanity created in the image of God.

Shabbat service was followed by the Muslim evening call to prayer and the evening prayer performed in congregation.

During the meal, Rabbi Aaronson and Atilla Kahveci talked about Passover and Ramadan and the gists of these religious observances.

Many thanks go to Opell family who coordinated the details from the beginning.


6:15 Shabbat service
7:30 Iftar Dinner and Welcome by Michael Opell
7:35 Call to prayer and breaking of the fast
7:40 Evening prayer
7:50 Guest asked to pick up food
8:20 Passover and Ramadan by Rabbi Aaronson and Atilla Kahveci
8:45 Final Remarks