MBCC Community Hall
303 S Peck Ave,
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

5:30 Arrival and Opening Conversations

5:55 Welcome and Introductions (

6:00 Prayer and introduction of

6:05 Dinner and music by Murat Bahar

6:45 Introduction of MBCC Choir 

6:50 MBCC Choir

6:55 Presentation of Jacquez Chubby from South Coast Interfaith Council- SCIC

7:15 Sharing of Friendship Bracelets, Thank You, and Benediction by Pastor Jodi


The Thanksgiving dinner commenced with a warm welcome, attendees engaging in conversations, and children crafting friendship bracelets. Following the welcome, Atilla introduced the Murat Bahar, leading to a prayer before self served dinner. Attendees enjoyed dinner accompanied by music and table conversations.

The program continued with the MBCC Choir introduced and the guest speaker, Jacquez Chubbs, presenting South Coast Interfaith Council volunteering opportunities. The evening concluded with the sharing of friendship bracelets, expressions of gratitude, and a closing benediction by Pastor Jodi. The conversation starters focused on religious and cultural holidays, fostering understanding, and addressing community needs.