Schedule of Temple Isiah Iftar

6:40- People checking in

6:55 – Opening Remarks

Welcome by Rabbi Zoe

And shares her insights about Purim

Atilla gives brief info about Ramadan

Ramadan video starts at 7:07 and there will be call to prayer at 7:10

7:12 – Serving/Evening Prayers

7:55 – Religious hymns 

8:10 – Closing Remarks and prayer


Event Sunmary:

The Iftar event at Temple Isiah commenced with attendees arriving and checking in starting at 6:40 PM, creating a welcoming atmosphere as people gathered. Rabbi Zoe, in her opening remarks, extended a warm welcome to everyone present and took the opportunity to share her insights about Purim, possibly drawing connections between the themes of Purim and the spirit of unity and community during Ramadan.

Following Rabbi Zoe’s remarks, Atilla, likely an expert or knowledgeable individual, provided a concise overview of Ramadan, perhaps highlighting its significance, practices, and traditions. This served as an educational moment for those unfamiliar with the observance.

At 7:07 PM, a Ramadan video began, possibly depicting various aspects of Ramadan such as fasting, prayer, and community gatherings, providing a visual representation of the sacred month. The call to prayer at 7:10 PM signaled the transition into the evening prayers, a pivotal moment of spiritual connection and reflection for attendees.

During the serving of the evening meal and prayers, which began at 7:12 PM, participants likely had the opportunity to break their fast together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experience.

As the evening progressed, religious hymns were performed at 7:55 PM, adding a musical dimension to the spiritual ambiance of the event and uplifting the collective spirit of the attendees.

Finally, at 8:10 PM, the event drew to a close with closing remarks, possibly expressing gratitude for everyone’s participation and contributions, and concluding with a prayer, invoking blessings and peace for all present. Overall, the event provided a meaningful and inclusive space for interfaith dialogue, cultural exchange, and spiritual enrichment.