Who knows the most? The one who travels or the one who reads!

This old anonymous saying points out the importance of learning thru traveling.

Pacifica Institute with its initiative to expand its horizons called “Pacifica Connects” is aiming to take advantage of traveling to connect people around the world. With the trips to Turkey we have facilitated east and west encounters and see that;

Traveling is the most effective way of expanding knowledge, the easiest way of seeing different colors of other cultures, the best way of knowing people, and familiarizing oneself with cultures around the world.

Understanding others will happen the most when we build new friendships in their own warm atmosphere.

When we go there, the history talks to us in the sites we are visiting, the food talks to us we are tasting, the families talk to us who are welcoming into their houses further forging into friendships to last longer than any other cause.


We must emphasize that “Pacifica Connects” trips are a lot more flavored than a touristic voyage. Local institutions who share a similar vision partner with us. It is our foremost intent to provide you with the realities of these destinations into our itineraries. Hence, we visit educational and cultural institutions, governmental agencies, U.S. posts, as well as intellectuals.

Please contact us for further information at trips@pacificainstitute.org

So, we invite you to new horizons of dialogue.


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