Keynote address:  Holly J. Mitchell, LA County Supervisor, Second District.

Participants will be invited to enter breakout room discussions.

Date: Jan 17, 2021 03:00 PM PST

Online Event Registration: ZOOM

EVENT SUMMARY: South Coast Interfaith Council organized the Martin Luther King Day and His Relevance on the Contemporary Issues. Pacifica Institute along with NAACP. It was a two hour long event on a Sunday afternoon right before the official Martin Luther King Day

Los Angeles County Supervisor Holy Mitchel spoke about the need of understanding and respect among individuals that we need to acknowledge our bias against the other and work on it to find peace and tranquility. Sexism, racism and bigotry are like cancer in a body and needs to be treated as such. There were break out rooms after the talks by community leaders where people discussed various topics regarding Martin Luther King and his relevance of the present circumstances.

You can watch full event recording following this link to Youtube.