Pacifica Institute Ramadan Iftar -Past Easter Dinner at Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Pacifica Institute was hosted in Cypress and came together for a Ramadan Iftar- Past Easter Dinner on the 10th day of Ramadan. Burhan introduced Pacifica Institute, hizmet movement and told the audience what Ramadan fasting is about in the context of interfaith gatherings.

Then several passages from Quran was recited and the call to prayer was performed by Qari and Imam Hamza Bilgic. Afterwards dinner was served when people sitting around the tables socially distanced, conversed about Ramadan and Easter.

Near the end, Pastor Nader presented the Meaning of Easter and the Celebrations behind this religious ritual. Instead of the story of bunny and the eggs, the resurrection of Jesus after crucifixion and his sacrifice for all humankind was the thing that Christians celebrated during Easter.