Hearts and Minds- Hizmet schools contributions to Inter- ethnic Understanding” Book Discussion by Vincent Parillo at Pacifica Institute Silicon Valley at San Jose Public Library moderated by Dr Gerald Grutzen on the 2nd of September- 2022

Dr Grudzen asked the beginnings of the book and the research.

Dr Parillo said that it was through the introduction of a common friend that invited him to hizmet activities and that’s how he was introduced.

Dr Grudzen then asked when Dr Parillo first met hizmet because there was Turkey and now there is not. “How did that affect your work?”

Dr Parillo said that he first went to Bosnia and Turkey and Albania. They went to schools, segregated and K-12. “I had a lot of names that need not be in the book so I had them all anonymous because of the present situation in Turkey.”

Dr Grutzen further asked if Vincent would elaborate about the subject of the book.

Dr Parillo says that there is the universal values and truth. Yes there are some changes but there are schools in 140 countries and there is certain impact in many other parts of the world. “When I wrote this book I wanted to reach two audiences for a story that needed to be told.”

Dr Grutzen remarks that hizmet schools don’t teach any universal truths in their curricula. “How do you see that?”

Dr Parillo says that religion is not taught. “we looked into that too and asked students if any religions were taught. There was no religious education.” He also mentioned how teachers would establish the lack of bullying by doing good conflict management among their students.

Dr Grutzen asks why schools are called Turkish schools however by time it will evolve including people with diverse backgrounds.

Dr Parillo says the initiators are Turkish educators but by time it will include non Turkish people. They don’t have a cookie cutting machine for the next school. It is very adapting in new countries.

The discussion was followed by a Q&A and then a book signing.





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Book signing and discussion of “Hearts and Minds: Hizmet Schools and Interethnic Relations” by Vincent N. Parillo– Professor Emeritus of Sociology at William Paterson University

Moderated by Dr Gerald Grutzen


Friday- Sep 2, 2022,

Time:3:00 PM Pacific Time

Address: San Jose State Library 150 E San Fernando St, San Jose, CA 95112

Room 225