Temple Isaiah Iftar Dinner

The first Iftar of Ramadan



The first day of Ramadan started with sharing of the meal with Temple Isaiah. People came together around 6:45 when Rabbi Zoe welcomed the guests to the temple.

Atilla Kahveci then talked about nine points of fasting in Ramadan that concerns mankind. After that, Tunc had the call to prayer which followed by sharing of the meal and conversations at the tables.

Evening prayer is performed after the meal, followed by Rabbi Zoe talking about Passover and its connection to how it can play a role of solving present day challenges.





Date: March 23

Time: 6:30

Address: 10345 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Let’s come together and break fast in community.




6:30- Check in

6:40- Everyone being seated

6:45- Welcome

6:50- Passover by Rabbi Zoe
Ramadan by Atilla Kahveci

7:05- Call to Prayer and breaking of the fast

7: 10- Evening prayer

7:25- Iftar Meal

7:55- Sharing of what Passover and Ramadan feels like, from each table ( Muslims talking about Passover what they heard from Temple Isaiah folks and Jews talking about Ramadan what they heard from Pacifica folks)

8:00- Final remarks by Rabbi Zoe Klein