“Breaking Down Boundaries as We Break the Fast Together” Interfaith Iftar of ICSoCal and the Pacifica Institute


Los Angeles Bahá’í Center: 5755 Obama Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016


Time: 6:30 pm,

Date: Tuesday March 12, 2024


Event Sunmary:

Guests were requested to take their seats,

Randy Dobbs welcomed on behalf of Bahá’í
and Swami Mahayogananda welcomed guests on behalf of ICSoCal. Atilla Kahveci welcomed on behalf of Pacifica, explained fasting, azan, salāt At 6:59 pm, Sunset in Los Angeles  and invited all to break their fast with water and then invited all to participate in Salāt, the Muslim prayer. A brief explanation of the prayer was shared, and encouraged all to feel free to participate.
Azan: The Call to Prayer. Those who wish would go to a separate room to pray salaat.

Father Alexei introduced the topic of dinner, “Breaking Boundaries,” asked all to discuss this topic at tables. Murat Bahar played several traditional songs with Ud.

Interfaith sharing: To share what was discussed regarding boundaries.

Fr. Alexei facilitated the discussion of boundaries with several groups. Closing prayer of peace was performed by Swami Mahayogananda