Schedule of Manhattan Beach Community Church Iftar

6:30 – Arrival

Bingo mixer game

Children’s activities

6:55 – Welcome (Jodi)

Prayer and introduction of Murat (Atilla)

Announcements/serving instructions (Joanne, MBCC Ministry Coordinator)

7:05 – Dinner

Murat plays music until all tables are served

7:35 – Program

Jodi introduces Atilla

Atilla gives presentation on Muslim traditions

7:50 – Dessert

8:00 – Thank you and closing prayer (Jodi)


The Manhattan Beach Community Church Iftar event unfolded as a vibrant evening of community engagement and cultural exchange. Attendees began arriving, greeted by an array of activities including a lively Bingo mixer game and engaging children’s activities, setting a festive tone for the evening. The event officially commenced with a warm welcome from Jodi, followed by a prayer and introduction of Murat by Atilla. Joanne, the MBCC Ministry Coordinator, then delivered announcements and serving instructions, ensuring a smooth transition into the dinner portion of the evening.

As guests savored a delicious meal , Murat’s soothing music and melodies from Yunus Emre filled the air, adding to the ambiance until all tables were served. Following dinner, the program continued with Jodi introducing Atilla, who delivered a presentation on Ramadan traditions and a video about fasting.

The evening culminated with heartfelt gratitude expressed by Jodi at 8:00 PM, followed by a closing prayer, bringing the event to a meaningful conclusion. The Manhattan Beach Community Church Iftar event exemplified the spirit of unity, diversity, and mutual respect, fostering bonds of friendship and understanding within the community.