Shabbat Iftar at Temple Beth Tikvah

Shabbat Service started at 5:30 at the temple.

Our Program

Welcome to our Community Iftar Dinner – Steve Sherman
Greetings from our host, Rabbi Mati Kirschenbaum

Greetings from the Pacifica Institute, Osman Yildirim, Outreach Coordinator

Introduction to Ramadan and Iftar video presentation – Osman Yildirim

Meaning of fasting and Ramadan by Imam Kamil Satir

Call to worship, Imam Kamil Satir 6:59 pm
Dinner with the compliments of Pacifica Institute

During the dinner evening started with introspection, reflection and discussion

Dessert with the compliments of Temple Beth Tikvah

Event Sunmary

The Shabbat Iftar held at Temple Beth Tikvah was an inspiring evening of interfaith fellowship and cultural exchange. The event commenced with the Shabbat Service at 5:30 PM, setting a reverent atmosphere for the gathering. Attendees were welcomed to the Community Iftar Dinner by Steve Sherman, followed by warm greetings from Rabbi Mati Kirschenbaum, our gracious host.

Osman Yildirim, Outreach Coordinator from the Pacifica Institute, shared heartfelt greetings, setting the stage for an enlightening exploration of Ramadan. A video presentation introduced attendees to the significance of Ramadan and the tradition of Iftar, providing valuable insights into the Muslim faith. Imam Kamil Satir then delved deeper into the meaning of fasting and Ramadan, offering spiritual guidance and fostering understanding among participants.

At 6:59 PM, the call to worship by Imam Kamil Satir marked a moment of collective reverence and prayer, uniting attendees in reflection and contemplation. Dinner, generously provided by the Pacifica Institute, offered a time for fellowship and conversation, where attendees engaged in introspection and discussion.

The evening continued with dessert, graciously provided by Temple Beth Tikvah, further enhancing the spirit of hospitality and camaraderie. As the event concluded, gratitude was expressed to all who contributed and supported the gathering, reaffirming the importance of collaboration and mutual respect in building inclusive communities.

The Shabbat Iftar at Temple Beth Tikvah was a testament to the power of dialogue, cooperation, and compassion in fostering unity and understanding among people of diverse backgrounds and faiths.