Theme: Connecting Communities and Preventing Loneliness
Master of Ceremony from St Paul UMC & Pacifica Institute youth group members
The flow of the program

4:30 Setup of the dining hall with table decoration

6:10 Guests gather at Peace Pole, history of Peace Pole by Sister Cheryl Harmon, Outreach Committee Chair, St Paul United Methodist Church

6:20 Music Performance in sanctuary by Ben, Ikbal and Pete

6:45 Opening Remarks and Welcome Address and to speak on topic by Pastor Rev. Johann Osias, St Paul United Methodist Church

6:55 Introduction to Pacifica Institute and to speak on topic by Brother Enes Bilgin, Tri-City Coordinator, Pacifica Institute

7:05 Speech on the topic by Sister Reshma Inamdar, President of Tri-City Interfaith Council

7:15 Speech on the topic by Pastor Rev. Ken Chambers, President of Interfaith Council of Alameda County

7:25 Muslim guests pray at the Mosque, everyone welcome to observe

7:45 Dinner at the dining hall

8:15 Table Discussion:

8:45 Closing Remarks and Vote of Thanks by Earl & Shamsa



Event Summary:

The event, themed “Connecting Communities and Preventing Loneliness,” was hosted by St Paul United Methodist Church and the Pacifica Institute, with the master of ceremony led by youth members from both organizations. The evening commenced with the setup of the dining hall, followed by guests gathering at the Peace Pole, where Sister Cheryl Harmon shared its history.

Music performances by Ben, Ikbal, and Pete set a harmonious tone. Pastor Rev. Johann Osias delivered the opening remarks, followed by Brother Enes Bilgin introducing the Pacifica Institute’s perspective. Sister Reshma Inamdar and Pastor Rev. Ken Chambers shared insightful speeches on the event’s theme. A moment for Muslim guests to pray at the Mosque was warmly extended to all attendees.

The evening culminated in a delightful dinner and table discussions, fostering connections among participants. Earl and Shamsa concluded the event with closing remarks and a vote of thanks, highlighting the importance of community engagement and combating loneliness.