Schedule of Events University of Hawaii Iftar

6-6:05 MC by Fatih Yanik

6:05- 6:10 Welcome by Dr Robert Bley Vroman

6:10- 6:20 Speech by Atilla Kahveci: Meaning of Ramadan for Muslims and hizmet movement

6:20-6:35 Keynote Speech: Dr Tamara Albertini on Sacred Space


6:40-6:44 Ramadan Video Pacifica Insitute

6:44 Break Fast

8:00 Finishing Remarks by

Hawaii Interfaith Council President Cynthia Lynch

Eric Matsumoto- Past President of Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii

Peter Arnade- University of Hawaii Dean of Letters and Arts

Father Alfred Omar



Event Summary:

The University of Hawaii Iftar event commenced with an introduction by MC Fatih Yanik, followed by a warm welcome from Dr. Robert Bley Vroman. Atilla Kahveci delivered a speech discussing the significance of Ramadan for Muslims and the Hizmet movement. Dr. Tamara Albertini then delivered a keynote speech focusing on the concept of Sacred Space. A Ramadan video presentation by the Pacifica Institute was presented. Attendees then broke their fast. The event concluded with finishing remarks from Cynthia Lynch, President of the Hawaii Interfaith Council, Eric Matsumoto, Past President of Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii, Peter Arnade, Dean of Letters and Arts at the University of Hawaii, and Father Alfred Omar.