On Saturday November 21, 2015, Pacifica Institute OC hosted its Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. This years dinner was an amazing time, where people of all backgrounds gathered to indulge in a fantastic feast accompanied by many varieties of entertainment. The evening started off with a few opening words about Pacifica institute, and then the guests were left to indulge in the feast.

Afterwards, Dr. Sophia PandyThanksgiving Orange Countya, who is a professor at Cal State Long Beach’s Religious Studies department was invited to  give a few remarks about Thanksgiving. She spoke of the relations between the native americans and settlers relations during the first thanksgiving, and of how we can relate to the relationship with foreigners due to crisis like the Syrian refugee crisis.

Then, Dr. Felicia Rajos and Mrs. May Chang performed a special concert while calligraphy artist, Melik Sayin, gave everyone the opportunity to have their name written in calligraphy.

The night came to a close as one or two people from each table went around and gave a few remarks about what they were thankful for- all in the spirit of Thanksgiving.