Pacifica Institute hosted the Law Enforcement Iftar online due to the pandemic in 2021. The online program with the general theme of “Coming Together in Difficult Times” kicked off with a welcome to the guests and introduction of Alp Aslandogan, the Executive Director of Alliance for Shared Values. Dr Aslandogan talked about what hizmet community has been doing to bring neighbors, friends, colleagues and people of diverse backgrounds together on a platform of respect and love. Alp also briefly mentioned fasting in Islam and what Ramadan means for Muslims.
Diane Gonzales from FBI Los Angeles spoke about the importance of getting to know one another either in person or online gatherings and the annual traditions of Iftar meals with the Law Enforcement since 2007s. Honorable Judge Elizabeth Munisoglu mentioned a precept from a book that said “Being kind is more important than being right.”  and the need for people to realize this would make life easier for everyone living on this planet.
Finally came the fast breaking time when Hamza Bilgic, imam-hafiz (the reciter of the Quran) and Qari (the person that can read Quran and adhan-call to prayer)in several different melodious styles, had recited the adhan- call to prayer. Dr Bilgic finished the program with a closing prayer to bless this country we live in and peace and well being.