Noah’s Pudding:

Noah’s Pudding is a symbolic representation of togetherness and essential relationship towards one another. People prepare the pudding at home or get it from friends who can make it, and share a small bowl of this tasty pudding with their neighbors, friends and colleagues. This practice symbolizes our responsibility to maintain good relations with each other, regardless of our beliefs, traditions, cultures and affiliation.


According to tradition, God asked Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) to build an ark and take two of every creature to go on this long journey. After the great deluge subsided, provisions were scarce and all the living beings in two pairs had to spread all over the world, Prophet Noah and the people around him, gathered all the ingredients they could find on the ship, and cooked for themselves this delicious recipe- Noah’s Pudding.

Almonds, cinnamon, dried apricots, dried figs, garbanzo beans, hazelnuts, milk, oranges,  peanuts, pomegranate, sugar, water, walnuts, wheat, wheat, white beans. Noah’s Pudding your neighbor, friend or colleague shared with you may contain all or some of the above ingredients.